Souther peas and beans

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Hi all,

    We carried a story by a Miss. grower, Martha Daughdrill, on Southern
Field Peas and Butterbeans in the May, 2000, Growing for Market.  Sources
listed there for seed included Wilhite (800-828-1840); Twilley
(800-622-7333) and Vermont Bean Seed, Garden Lane, Fair Haven, VT 05743.  In
addition BWI which is a pretty good wholesale hort. products supplier in the
Midwest and South carries a whole mess of southern peas and beans in 50#
bags.  They have about 15 offices each with a 800#, but the main office is
in Texarkana, TX and the number there is 800-838-5615.
    We use southern table peas mostly for a summertime plowdown legume.  I
broadcast them, and then lightly till them in after spring crops.  They do
great, and most of us around here (Lawrence, KS) are switching to them from
much more common soybeans as a summer green manure.  I also drill some in
rows for sale through our CSA.
     Be sure and get innoculant when you buy the seed.



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