Speckled Butterbeans...any advice from the newcomer from mississippi?

delannw delannw at dlogue.net
Fri Jun 2 07:37:59 EDT 2000

In the past, I have planted bush varieties of speckled butterbeans...seems like they got pretty tall and lanky for a bush bean so I am wondering just how tall these pole beans will get.  For what it is worth, I interplanted bush beans with the tomatoes last year.  the seeds were planted at the base of the stakes.  I used a weaving technique last year with tomatoes every 2' and stakes every 4'.  
There are butterbeans sprouting up all over that area right now.  so tempting to just let them go.

The seeds I received this year (from Summit, Mississippi) came in brown paper bags labeled pole or bush...no directions.

If you have seed sources or variety names to recommend, I would welcome your information.  
I'm really in the dark about this and started selling them at the farmers' market because customers requested them.

As declicious as they are, you're right, a lot of work, picking, shelling, etc...

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton IL 

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