Speckled Butterbeans...any advice from the newcomer from mississippi?

Vic & Pat Jackowsky jackow at gmi.net
Thu Jun 1 09:51:58 EDT 2000

Hi Del! I am native of MS and usually grow the speckled butterbeans but chose not to this year because of the intensive labor in harvesting. Also, the pole variety needs to be staked and with all our tomato plants, we just didn't have the time this year to spare the extra time it takes for the beans. Perhaps you could mail me some of yours. :)

We space ours about 10 inches apart, which will give you good air circulation and keep down viruses. Not sure about your growing area, but in MS everything is very susceptible when placed too close together. We had a great crop last year and they made beans forever, it seemed. 

We used the Jackson Wonder (bush) and I can't seem to remember the name of the pole beans we plant. We get them from the local seed store and I usually take what they give us. They know we are growing for market so they usually give us the best product they have. Hope this helps a little. If I can find the name of the pole butter bean, I'll pass it on.

Lazy J Farms & Kennel
Coahoma, MS 

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  Hi!  Just what I needed, someone from MS on the list!

  I grow speckled butterbeans (limas...not soybeans) and sell them at the farmers' market in Kankakee, IL.  We have a lot of original southerners (especially from Mississippi) in our area.  I have been growing the bush variety but planted two pole varieties this year.
  I know you moved from Maine but have you seen people growing these in your area?

  Do you know anything about spacing, etc.?  Varieties?

  By the way everyone, these are great for drought or hot conditions.  They were the only bean that actually made during last summers hot and dry conditions.  Well, the okra did well too.  Oh, and butterbeans freeze well and are delicious.

  Del Williams
  Farmer in the Del
  Clifton, IL 60927

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