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>   Hi everyone
>  We are looking for an organic farm around 100 acres. In western 
>North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, Northern Georgia, or Southern
> Virginia.  An old fallow farm might do to start.  Anyway we are
> not finding much through the conventional real estate.  Does 
> anyone know where we (Organic Farmers) advertise to each other
> so maybe we can cut out the middle man.  Any help in finding sources
> of good chemical free farms will be greatly appreciated.
>     Thanks, Mike and Linda Arthur@ Lucky Horseshoe Farm. 

Try Kentucky. 100 acre old family farms (the average size) put up for
sale (current generation doesn't want to farm, goes to the big city to
look for work) in Kentucky Bluegrass country (most of Kentucky)
with deep black friable loamy soil and adequate rainfall & otherwise
favorable climate for organic farming - have been known to go for as
little as $600 per acre in 50-100 acre parcels (I know someone who has
bought prime farmland there for this). Don't know about access to
markets but that may be in the process of evolving.


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