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Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Tue Jul 25 08:30:27 EDT 2000


Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog.  I lost a dear one some years ago, though not a
Pyrennes.  She roamed the area- had her own schedule.  She started at a neighbor's- a
single elderly woman- and would visit early.  Then on to 2 others before returning late
morning.  She kept the area free of raccoons, deer, groundhogs, rabbits and all those
things that ate our fruit and vegie plants.  And was protective of the people she

Someone poisoned her, according to the vet.  She survived the poison (to the surprise of
the vet) but declined in health rapidly and died soon after.  I think the poison did some
damage to her organs.  Anyway, it's hard to lose a part of the farm crew- much harder
than a pet because they are both pets and peers in work.

A note about Great Pyrennes- they do roam and are hard to keep confined.  That's why so
many mature dogs are available for adoption.  People living in suburban areas find they
can't keep them at home, even with fences.  I would love to have one, but our area is
just too developed- and getting more so each day.  They are great working dogs but need
lots of room to roam.

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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