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Tue Jul 25 07:36:47 EDT 2000


I would like to echo what Lyn said.  Sewage sludge contains all the heavy metals used by
industries because all cities have not separated their residential waste from the
industrial waste- it all winds up in the sewage plants. (Not to mention all the toxic
cleaners used in homes, as mentioned by another person.  And the unused chemicals dumped
into toilets.)

If this sludge were tested and regulated like other products, it would be classed as
toxic waste for the heavy metal content.  And they want us to "dispose" of it by
spreading it on our lawns and fields.  This results in heavy metal buildup in the soils.

One of the industry's favorite dodges is that lawns don't grow food.  Well suppose you
bought a house and decided to dig up the grass and put in a garden for your family.  Or
bought property that was a plant nursery at one time and started a market farm.  The
metals will persist in the soil for many years and will be absorbed by the plants, unless
actively remediated.  And no one is required to disclose what they've spread or sprayed
when selling property.

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

Lyn Milnes wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm new on this list, from New Zealand where I have some acres and not much
> time.
> I just thought I would comment to Don who spread a sewage plant product near
> his grapevines then became concerned about it, that I think he was
> absolutely right to be concerned.   In this country, all the filthy heavy
> industrial chemicals and waste are tipped down the sewers.   When they
> filter off the sewage sludge and try to sell it for paddock-spread or
> fertiliser or whatever, they are offering us a ripe mix of heavy metals,
> organo-chlorines, possibly dioxins, PCBs, every nasty the mind can think of.
> Best wishes,
> Lyn
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