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<< I'd like to know more about Great Pyrenees.  Did you have to train the dog
 to rid your place of deer or is it natural for them.  I've lost all my
 raspberries and strawberries and hate to replant until I find an affordable
 solution.  Thanks >>

Try this web site:

Its is the list of Great Pyrenees rescue groups.  We recently bought 2 Pyrs 
to guard our livestock.  The adult (3 years old) is great, but we are having 
trouble with the puppy (7 months) "playing" with the chickens and killing 
them.  I'm hoping its just puppy playing and that he will outgrow it.  We are 
now keeping her in a pen during the day when the chickens are loose and 
letting her out at night when the chickens roost.  Anyone else ever have this 
problem with chickens?  Any suggestions? 

Cathy, Churchill Mt. Farm, NY

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