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>I relate this as sort of a "confession".  Before I had the dog that now
>solves most of the deer problems (when he's not off solving the neighbours'
>deer problems - Great Pyrennes tend to assume great responsibilities, even
>when not asked) I tried many suggested remedies.  Someone told me to try
>Milorganite, the stuff that originates in Milwaukee's sewage treatment
>plants.  I spread some along some Merlot grape vines that were taking a
>beating.  Whether by chance or because of the composted sewage I don't know
>but the deer stayed away from that area.
>Then I got to worrying about the stuff that deer won't come near being fed
>to the roots of prime wine grapes and panicked.  I scraped as much as I
>could from the ground, got it off my property and not much later my Lady
>brought me home a beautiful white dog.  Although he occasionally lifts his
>leg when I'm not watching, I think it's a lot healthier than the sewage
>Don Maroc
>Vancouver Island, Canada
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>I'd like to know more about Great Pyrennes.  Did you have to train the dog
to rid your place of deer or is it natural for them.  I've lost all my
raspberries and strawberries and hate to replant until I find an affordable
solution.  Thanks

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