Deer problems - garlic

Maroc maroc at
Sun Jul 23 16:35:35 EDT 2000

I relate this as sort of a "confession".  Before I had the dog that now
solves most of the deer problems (when he's not off solving the neighbours'
deer problems - Great Pyrennes tend to assume great responsibilities, even
when not asked) I tried many suggested remedies.  Someone told me to try
Milorganite, the stuff that originates in Milwaukee's sewage treatment
plants.  I spread some along some Merlot grape vines that were taking a
beating.  Whether by chance or because of the composted sewage I don't know
but the deer stayed away from that area.

Then I got to worrying about the stuff that deer won't come near being fed
to the roots of prime wine grapes and panicked.  I scraped as much as I
could from the ground, got it off my property and not much later my Lady
brought me home a beautiful white dog.  Although he occasionally lifts his
leg when I'm not watching, I think it's a lot healthier than the sewage

Don Maroc
Vancouver Island, Canada

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