GROWER'S QUESTION: re Cherry Tomatoes

Maroc maroc at
Tue Jul 18 04:31:56 EDT 2000

Allan,  The B.C. (British Columbia) Hothouse Growers have been selling
trusses of small, vine-ripened tomatoes.  It has been a big success and in
the retail stores they sell for $2 to $3 per pound when Florida field
tomatoes are selling for under $1 per pound.  I don't know the variety but
they are not "cherry tomatoes", just small, about two inches in diameter.
If it would help I could try and find out the variety and how they get the
whole truss to ripen at the same time.

Don Maroc
Vancouver Island, Canada

>Hi -
>First year to really have a lot of Sun Gold producing.
>We've been picking the 'pairs' as they ripen. I'm wondering if it is
>practical to wait and let entire trusses ripen and then cut the
>trusses and distribute the tomatoes in stemmed clusters.
>Anyone doing it this way? Anything I can do to promote a more 'even'
>ripening of the fruit on each truss?
>-Allan Balliett
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