Organic farming in Europe

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If you are traveling to Europe, you should certainly check out an
organization called "WWOOF". It stands for "Willing Workers On Organic
Farms." They match up people who want to visit and work a few days with
organic farm owners. The web site URL is:

  I did a quick search on Spain alone and came up with more than 50
organic farms who invite working guests to visit and work awhile. You
might be pulling weeds or milking goats, but at least you'll get to see
the "real" countryside in Europe.
  By the way, this is a worldwide list. We had a young lady from Canada
who found us on the USA WWOOF list, and she was one of the best workers
we've ever had. She stayed with us a month before moving on to another

Listed below are two sample ads from Spain.

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"I have a large farm growing fruits of many varieties. Help is required
in many ways as i am trying to bring back some of the buildings to
traditional Spanish style. So some labour work is required and also help
with the surounding grounds.There are oranges, lemons, olives,almonds,
cherries and many other fruits to take advantage of. The area itself has
a wealth of traditional Spain around us so there is plenty of other
history to be seen. It is hard working but very rewarding. In addition
to the 1,000 fruit and nut trees, within the farm it is also run as a
campsite with some traditional alpurjaran apartments.Therefore the
 accommodation for workers could vary depending upon the season. There
is also a large swimming pool and sun terrace which workers would be
allowed the use of." 

"This is a 7 acre organic smallholding with chestnuts, walnuts and fruit
trees. Situated at 4,500 feet in the stunningly beautiful Natural Park
of Sierra Nevada. Work includes irrigating, landclearing, weeding,
chopping wood, dry stone building, some building in traditional
alpujarreñan style.There is a self-contained truck to sleep in." 

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