Survey results available--Direct Marketing in Philadelphia

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Mon Jul 17 15:30:38 EDT 2000

Philadelphia's Farmers' Market Trust, a nonprofit organization improving the 
supply of affordable food and good nutrition in the Mid-Atlantic region, and 
RISA (Regional Infrastructure for Sustaining Agriculture), announce the 
results of a survey of fruit and vegetable farmers in Pennsylvania, New 
Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The 63-page study titled, "Barriers and 
Opportunities for Direct Marketing in the Philadelphia Region" documents 
farmer opinions of the marketing options available to them in a metropolitan 
region, as uncovered through a mail survey and series of in-depth interviews. 
The study reveals the obstacles small, family farmers must overcome to 
survive in an increasingly competitive market environment. Recommendations 
demonstrate how obstacles can be overcome; one recommendation has already 
been implemented in Pennsylvania, specifically allocating $500,000 for a 
farmers' market nutrition program targeted to seniors. Copies of the study 
are available for $15.95, including shipping and handling. E-mail requests to 
fmtrust at, fax Meredith Stone at 215 568 0882 or call 215 568 
0830 Extension 10. A grant from the William Penn Foundation supported the 

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