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Mon Jul 17 12:27:19 EDT 2000

Poet, essayist and farmer Wendell Berry speaks on genetic engineering,
reductionist science and his new book "Life is a Miracle" in an
interview with Claire Hope Cummings.

The interview will air on Tuesday July 18 at 7:10 am Pacific Daylight
Time on KPFA 94.1 FM in Northern California, KPFB Berkeley 89.3 FM, KFCF
in Central Valley 88.1 FM or anywhere, at that time only, on the web at

Speaking to us from his farm in Kentucky, Berry warns about a modern
superstition - blind faith in science, and technology's mechanistic
model of life - as well as about the role of art and beauty, and the
value of work. His critique of Edward O. Wilson's "Consilience" provides
us with a much needed antidote to the distorted view of life promoted by
biotechnology and as a brilliant writer, Berry names our deepest fears
about this technology.

Wendell Berry is the Emerson of the sustainable agriculture movement,
through his deeply moral essays, passionate poetry, insightful analysis
of industrialized agriculture, and his vision for a life lived more
fully on the land.

Claire Hope Cummings is food and farming editor at Pacifica Radio's
flagship station, the 50 year old and still leading grassroots community
supported free speech radio station in the country, KPFA in Berkeley.
She is a lawyer, writer, and through Food and Farming Forum she gives
voice to the growing new food movement, encouraging the public discourse
over the role food in our personal and planetary health.

A tape of the radio interview is available which has the 30+minute
interview with Wendell Berry plus a 25 minute radio interview with
Professor Emeritus Richard Strohman, who Berry mentions in his book and
interview. Dr.Strohman, a molecular and cell biologist, and former chair
of the Department of Zoology at UC Berkeley, elegantly explains why the
whole paradigm on which genetic engineering is based in simply wrong and
urges us to reject the genetic determinism embedded in genomics.

The cost of the tape, including shipping in the U.S., is $12.00. Send
your name and address and a check made out to: Claire Cummings. Please
send it promptly to: Food and Farming Forum, P.O. Box 5124, Mill Valley,
CA 94942 or for more information write to: foodweb at mindspring.com.

"Life is a Miracle" is a beautifully bound small hardback book published
by Counterpoint Press. You can order Wendell Berry's new book on line
through Powell's independent bookstore.  Its just as easy as ordering
through any other on line book supplier and by linking through this
site, your order supports Food and Farming Forum. Click on the link
below and just scroll down the page to the Powells portal and type in
the title of the book to order Life is a Miracle, or any book, through
Food and Farming Forum's link to Powell's Books.

Food and Farming Forum educates the general public about the
environmental, social, personal and political implications of how we
feed ourselves.  Claire Hope Cummings is the director of Food and
Farming Forum, a project of The Tides Center. Her weekly radio shows can
be heard on KPFA every Tuesday morning, at her regular time, 7:30 am, by
broadcast or webcast. Later in the fall, look for Claire's Food and
Farming Gazette on public television's chef and best selling cookbook
author Mollie Katzen's web site at molliekatzen.com

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