(fwd) Idealistic Farmer Takes from the Past, Looks Toward the Future

delannw delannw at dlogue.net
Sun Jul 16 06:38:01 EDT 2000

I would like to believe what you say about the story.  I went to the ABC
news website and read it to be sure I got the whole thing.  I am just a
little wary of ABC News reporting on sustainable agriculture and organics
after last years reporting.  They also seem to have an odd connection to the
Hudson Institute (which funds Dennis Avery's work against organics).

While I would like to believe that they do balanced reporting on these
issues, they weren't particularly fair or directly honest in their 20/20
report on e coli contamination in organics last year.

However, if this story on Salatin's success and methods motivates farmers to
change to these methods I am just simply happy.  I have the luxury of living
near people who raise chickens this way, and am so happy to be able to eat a
decent egg and a chicken that has the taste I remember as a kid.  The
factory raised product just doesn't compare.  It is so sad that so many
consumers don't know the difference.  We're more savvy about cars than we
are about what we eat.

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del
Clifton, IL
delannw at dlogue.net

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