Direct Marketing Conference

Hugh Jordan hjordan at
Thu Jul 13 22:42:20 EDT 2000

I think Tom is wondering if some kind of summary or a minutes digest of
conferences could be accessible on the web. So many farm conferences are
eastcoast,and that is just too far for some of us to get to, or we just
don't have the time, but we would really like some idea of the proceedings.

Also, I think he hit a w instead of an s. he wants to know about any honey
bee sites, or lists.


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> >Hello
> >Would it be possible to have a conference for us who  can't make it on
> >web???????
> >Tom In NE Ohio
> A new list for direct marketing? This one is to be used for discussion
> of that topic too. Is there a real need for a separate one, as there
> is for csa? If so I'd be glad to create it.
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