PIX of a few new home-fabricated garden tools

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflondon at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 11 22:39:38 EDT 2000

Have a look at:

Pic shows three tools laying one against another; front to back:

1) a hoedad (tree planting bar) made from leaf spring, square and
round tube steel - wooden handle missing - also good for post hole
digging and transplanting - and garden tilthing

2) an unfinished prototype U-Bar garden digger made from recycled
parts from haying equipment mounted on a steel pipe - I plan to add 
3-4 more of these nice tines and will weld sockets for wood handles
on ends of pipe out of square tube steel

3) a finished, reworked U-Bar digger made from leaf spring (the tines)
welded to square tube steel with sockets on ends for long wooden
handles (posthole digger handles shown mounted)

These were made using easily-obtainable recycled materials
and low cost equipment. If anyone wants closeup shots of the
individual tools let me know and I'll upload them.


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