Tied Garlic Braids

Sue Oberle soberle at bwn.net
Tue Jul 11 15:22:06 EDT 2000

> I've got a crop of hard-necked garlic that I'd like to get into braids.
> I understand that this is relatively easy by using a tied approach
> rather than weaving the stems.
> Is anyone on the list doing this? Can you give me some pointers, or
> point me to a 'how-to'?
> Thanks
> -Allan Balliett


I have a neighbor who makes the best garlic braids for market. I don't think there's any
substitute for braiding, it just looks great. He can do his big ones (11-15 bulbs) in
less than a minute....but here's his biggest "secret". Prior to braiding, he soaks the
leaves in fabric softner overnight.  They become nice & pliable & don't fray over time.
Really works.


Sue Oberle
Oberle Botanical
Fort Collins, Colorado
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