grass clippings

Peter Worsley pwors at
Tue Jul 11 11:16:08 EDT 2000

I'd compost the grass clippings (they really heat up !) and use rice
straw for mulch if you can get it. No weed seeds in the rice straw I
get. Peter

five springs farm wrote:
> We are considering investing in the mowing equipment that would allow us to
> gather up large amounts of grass clipping (and leaves) to use as mulch. The
> intent is to heavily mulch much of our 1/2 acre of intensive raised bed
> veggies. We would hope to be able to reduce or eliminate animal manures (we
> use horse poop mostly) as it brings in so many new weeds each year, is a
> hassle to obtain and haul, and seems such excellent grub habitat. It would
> also substitute for much of the straw mulch that we purchase. We would also
> compost the material (with garden scraps and leaves).
> What experience do folks have with grass as mulch? Are there any particular
> down-sides (not counting the possibility of contaminated yard clippings from
> lawns that use chemicals, since it would all be from our own land). Will the
> clippings "pull" nitrogen from the soil as they decompose? Is there an
> optimal thickness for the mulch? And so on...
> Jim and Jo
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