Deer problems

Karen Phillips kphillips at
Mon Jul 10 09:49:36 EDT 2000

A few years ago, there was a company up in Northern California
somewhere called "Plant-Pro-Tec".  They make a little clip-on capsule
full of concentrated garlic oil & cayenne pepper.  I read a lot of
testimonials from people who had used them, and they seem to be really
effective.  I believe they last for about 1 year.  You either clip
them on stakes within the row, or clip them up around the perimeter
fence.  I haven't used them on deer (thankfully, one of the few pest
problems I DON'T have :-)...), but they helped keep bunnies and ground
squirrels out of our stuff 'til we got a fence up last year.  I just
did a searh, and they're online at  . It might be
worth giving them a try.  Good luck!

Karen Phillips, Buckeye Farms, Weldon, CA

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