Deer Problems

Leigh Hauter lh at
Mon Jul 10 09:37:13 EDT 2000

>8'  tall 5-6"  thick CCA posts every 50' apart with three of them plus
>8' X 4-5" CCA posts as braces at corners and gates........

Sorry, that's not going to work in the fall or spring when your crops are
the only good source of deer food.  Farming in the middle of a large forest
leaves me with a major deer problem so I've tried about everything.  What I
have found to work the best is a woven wire fence (it doesn't have to be
that tall) with a baited electric fence wire on top.  I use peanut butter.
I also have housed pigs in the field the deer come through to get my crops
This has provenn amazingly effective for elliminating that route of attack.

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