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>Our farm has been invaded my a herd of five deer the last three nights-they
>have devastated two rows of leaf lettuce. Any ideas out there as to how to
>repel these pesky animals other than using row cover or going to the
>expense of fencing in the entire area.

Sounds familiar. You will end up building the fence and will need to
use the following materials:

8'  tall 5-6"  thick CCA posts every 50' apart with three of them plus
8' X 4-5" CCA posts as braces at corners and gates. If you need more
support between the line posts use 8' steel T-posts. Nail on
insulators to the posts on the _outside_ of the fence - use 8
insulators per post (6 or 7 may do). Run 200000 PSI-test high-tensile
steel fence wire between all the insulators. You will need at least
one tensioner per line for each 600-1000' of length (ratchet-type
turnbuckle). The corners will need special treatment with posts for
horizontal braces and wire for diagonal tensioning and different types
of crimp-on connectors for the wire. You will also need a wire
dispensing spool and wire connector crimper (maybe can borrow these).
The dispensor with wire can be put on a wheelbarrow or garden cart -
you pull the wire off it and thread it through the insulators all
round the fence perimeter.

I hope to have mine done by winter - after that no more deer in my
fields. Probably will not need to electrify this fence - they will
just not jump it or the gates. If you do need a charger get a New
Zealand type- solar one is most lightning-proof , a 4 joule capacity
will probably be adequate (don't use one too big as it works against
itself) but with a very long one you may need a 6 joule.
The plug in New Zealand types are fine as they seem to be adequately
isolated from lightning strikes and are less expensive.

Search the Web for the several good companies who sell these chargers
and related equipment in the US.

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