onion seeds

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Sat Jul 8 23:29:20 EDT 2000

At 09:07 PM 07/08/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Onions are normally biennials, meaning that they grow a storage structure
(the bulb) their
>first year, then overwinter and go to seed the second year.  If you save
seeds from onions
>that are going to seed in their first year, you will be selecting for
early bolting; this
>would be a bad thing.  It would be worth the price to buy new seeds rather
>haphazardly saving your own.
>Chris Blanchard

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the input!  These onions wintered over in the garden because I
overlooked them and this is their second year.  They are a kind we couldn't
get this year because of a crop failure in Texas, so I was told.  It is
mainly a challenge for me probably to see if I could save the seed and
actually grow onions from them and if so, would they be like the parent
onion?  I don't have  facilities where I can control humidity and
temperature with any degree of accuracy for seeds, so it would most likely
be a lost cause.  Your reply made me stop and think. . .

Marie in Missouri

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