First Market Day

Jeff Ishee jeff at
Sat Jul 8 22:24:06 EDT 2000

Wow! Sounds like Dale Carnegie needs to write a new book entitled: "How
to Win Friends and Influence Farmers' Market Vendors."
  Umh, umh, umh. I've just never heard of a farmers' market being so
"socially challenged." If this is the prevailing attitude at the market,
I find it hard to believe there would be a customer within three blocks.
Phil was exactly right when he commented "Customers are not dumb, they
pick up on this kind of attitude."
  Marie, I would offer four options:
1. Stick it out and hope to change everyone else
2. Move to a different market with more positive dynamics
3. Start your own market
4. Quit

  If option number one seems unobtainable, QUICKLY resolve to move to
option 2 or 3. DO NOT jump directly to Option 4 until you have
thoroughly investigated 2 and 3.
  Above all, remember that as a farmers' marketeer, you have what people
want, and people WILL find you wherever you go.

Best regards,
Jeff Ishee
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