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Sat Jul 8 20:14:49 EDT 2000

Quoting Marie Kamphefner <kampy at>:

> Hello,
> The First Market Day is over and I will never do it 
again.  It was a
> We were the first ones to arrive and we parked, 
waiting to go into the
> market area at the designated time.  When we finally 
were allowed in, we
> went to the spot where the market master had shown us 
last week.  We
> unloaded the truck, starting putting out signs and 
bagging the veggies.
> Then a lady with a truckload of stuff arrived yelling 
that we were in her
> spot.  She goes to the assistant market master and he 
comes and very rudely
> tells us to move it one way or another.  We moved the 
truck over a few
> feet.  She zooms into the spot next to us and starts 
slamming stuff around,
> setting up.  She was late.  The assistant market 
master then wants money.
> We paid for the season last week and told him that.  
He wanted to know who
> we were and we told him.  He says "Oh yeah, the 
market master told me about
> you Wednesday."  All the time we were there, he kept 
walking past, glaring
> at us.  Nobody ever parked in the two spots on the 
other side of the lady
> (and I use the term loosely).  None of the other 
vendors would even talk to
> us.  We left early with a flat tire.  Then a few of 
the vendors hollered to
> us about the flat tire.  THEY COULD SPEAK AFTER 
ALL!   I think it was the
> worst three hours I ever spent even though we did 
sell some stuff.  I'm not
> going back.  I'll give it away or make compost of our 
crop before I go
> back.
> Marie in Missouri
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Just read your tale of woe and incoming responses from 
others. Let me join in and persuade you to continue - 
in spite of those grouchy folks.  
Why let others destroy your success?  I know you had a 
rotten day, but that's what it WAS.....there are more 
tomorrows.....good tomorrows, that will bring you 
happiness, delighted customers, income and a reason to 
go on.

One suggestion.  I use this as I grow older - won't 
settle for rudeness.

Simply go up to the nasty soul, and speak to them in a 
quiet, calm voice (away from others)......Don't get hot 
under the collar.

Here's what you say.....

"I'm curious, is there a reason why you're being so 
rude to me?


I'm surious, is there a reason why you're making me 
feel so unwelcome?"

This really sets people back and shows them exactly 
what's going on.  Usually calms them down.  Usually 
quiets them because you are showing maturity, control
and confidence.

You can continue to state your case of what you were 
told the week before in regards to setup locations, etc.

That one quiet question usually puts people in their 
place.  They're stunned that someone actually would
bring up the truth.  Usually quiets them down.

If this doesn't work - ignore them, and have fun 
completely avoiding their glare, their words.  Pretend 
they simply don't exist.  They can jump up and down for 
all you care - you don't see them.  It'll drive them 

You have every right to be there.  Don't let anyone 
roll you over.

Sorry about that flat tire.  What rotten luck.  
Things will be better next time.  Please go back.

Keep us posted on your progress.

on the Oregon coast

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