First Market Day

Marie Kamphefner kampy at
Sat Jul 8 14:01:12 EDT 2000


The First Market Day is over and I will never do it again.  It was a DISASTER!

We were the first ones to arrive and we parked, waiting to go into the
market area at the designated time.  When we finally were allowed in, we
went to the spot where the market master had shown us last week.  We
unloaded the truck, starting putting out signs and bagging the veggies.
Then a lady with a truckload of stuff arrived yelling that we were in her
spot.  She goes to the assistant market master and he comes and very rudely
tells us to move it one way or another.  We moved the truck over a few
feet.  She zooms into the spot next to us and starts slamming stuff around,
setting up.  She was late.  The assistant market master then wants money.
We paid for the season last week and told him that.  He wanted to know who
we were and we told him.  He says "Oh yeah, the market master told me about
you Wednesday."  All the time we were there, he kept walking past, glaring
at us.  Nobody ever parked in the two spots on the other side of the lady
(and I use the term loosely).  None of the other vendors would even talk to
us.  We left early with a flat tire.  Then a few of the vendors hollered to
us about the flat tire.  THEY COULD SPEAK AFTER ALL!   I think it was the
worst three hours I ever spent even though we did sell some stuff.  I'm not
going back.  I'll give it away or make compost of our crop before I go back.

Marie in Missouri

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