Biodynamic Is:

Hugh Lovel uai at
Wed Jul 5 14:36:36 EDT 2000

Lawrence London writes,

>I will do so. The permaculture scene is affected similarly but would
>benefit from maintenance of the copyright on permaculture and its
>teaching and certification standards by the Permaculture Institute
>USA, empowered by Bill Mollison, owner of the copyright, to do so.
>There are too many who would benefit financially from PC who would
>not uphold the standards and end up diluting the design science and
>changing it for the worse; same with organic. The situation with BD
>seems different though.

Yes, Lawrence,

The situation in biodynamics is one where the most innovative
paractitioners at the cutting edge of the art are threatened with censure
and objection to their use of the term biodynamic. And the objection is
coming from a segment of the biodynamic community that with the full
history of 75 years behind them currently has around 50 certified growers
in North America. Is that stodgy and conservative or what?

This is not about protecting biodynamics from those who would water it
down. Just the opposite.

Hugh Lovel

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