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On Tue, 4 Jul 2000 23:47:04 -0400, Hugh Lovel <uai at> wrote:

>I'm interested in making biodynamics more open any way I can. However, the
>BDNOW is a biodynamic list independent of any affiliation with the BDA,
>Demeter, ABA, JPI or any other biodynamic organization. It is fairly open,
>insofar as a list can be. Have you checked it out?
>It's address is bdnow at

I know about it and have been subscribed for years. Just thought I'd
ask to see if anyone needs a second one. At this point I won't bother
creating it.

>I hope you read my post about what Biodynamic Is. What a mess this Demeter
>business is.

I will do so. The permaculture scene is affected similarly but would
benefit from maintenance of the copyright on permaculture and its
teaching and certification standards by the Permaculture Institute
USA, empowered by Bill Mollison, owner of the copyright, to do so.
There are too many who would benefit financially from PC who would 
not uphold the standards and end up diluting the design science and 
changing it for the worse; same with organic. The situation with BD
seems different though. 

>Best wishes,
>Hugh Lovel
>>Anyone interested in an unmoderated/open/public list on biodynamics?
>>Anyone interested in administering/running  such a list?
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