Biodynamic Is:

Hugh Lovel uai at
Tue Jul 4 23:47:04 EDT 2000

Dear Lawrence,

I'm interested in making biodynamics more open any way I can. However, the
BDNOW is a biodynamic list independent of any affiliation with the BDA,
Demeter, ABA, JPI or any other biodynamic organization. It is fairly open,
insofar as a list can be. Have you checked it out?
It's address is bdnow at

I hope you read my post about what Biodynamic Is. What a mess this Demeter
business is.

Best wishes,
Hugh Lovel

>Anyone interested in an unmoderated/open/public list on biodynamics?
>Anyone interested in administering/running  such a list?
>Lawrence F. London, Jr. Venaura Farm ICQ#27930345
>lflondon at  london at
> InterGarden
> PermaSphere
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