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Subject: [collegefarm] New Day Range Poultry discussion group formed

A new Day Range Poultry discussion group has been formed at

This new list is for information exchange about the emerging Day Range
poultry production model which relies on sturdy shelters and electric
poultry netting to protect the poultry from weather and from predators,
while still giving the poultry access to green pasture during the day
hours. This new production model is less costly, higher yielding, and
labor requirements than other pasture-based poultry models, and can
in near zero mortality.

This is a serious discussion group, not for hobbyists or casual
Information posted is expected to be accurate and based on direct
or observation. After subscribing, post a message to the list with your
and farm name and what your interest in day ranging is. Other list
will be relying on your information, so please be sure it is accurate.
will not encourage one-liners or no-brainers, always be polite, and ask
the questions you want.


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