web site question

Robert Farr rbfarr at erols.com
Sun Dec 31 08:47:22 EST 2000


I chose to leave my address of the web site - we have a P.O. box for
orders of the hot sauces and salsas we make here.

The new site will have improvements I couldn't afford in the first
incarnation, like a database which captures people sending messages from
the site, and an option for them to subscribe to a monthly Chile Man
newsletter (in which I send out news, recipes, information on new
products, our monthly fair schedule, info on events at the farm, etc.).

I also have info on growing on the site, and a list of seed suppliers.
My customers really seem to like that.  And info on the farm and our
farm visions makes the site very personal.

Good luck with your site!
Robert Farr
(540) 668-7160
Check out http://www.chileman.com
for ALL Natural Cooking & Grilling Sauces!

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