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William Barry unclebil at bright.net
Sun Dec 31 05:04:45 EST 2000

One of the main things we found is that your front page must load between 30
sec and 60 sec at 28.8.  Otherwise people jump off site.   Second all pics
should be .gif or thumbnail .jpg.  No one wants to wait for a full photo to
load.   The pic may be interesting but content is much more important to the

Don't load up with bells and whistles...lots of graphics, music, sound
effects, moving objects, banners etc....they turn visitors off.   Keep it
simple stupid ...is a great phrase to work by.

Viewer to you site want to know immediately the big questions...who? what?
where? when? why? how?

Good luck.
Bill & Linda Barry
Barry Farm
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> I am designing my web site and wondered if any of you can share some
> things that were very helpful to have on your web page.  I also wondered
> about the safety of having your names, phone numbers and addresses on a
> web page.  I have decided to leave our address and kids names off the
> web page.  Is there anything else I should think about before I finalize
> this?  Thank you for your help.
> Sue
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