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On Sat, 30 Dec 2000 19:21:14 -0600, mckemie at inetport.com wrote:

>>  I am designing my web site and wondered if any of you can share some
>>  things that were very helpful to have on your web page.  I also wondered
>>  about the safety of having your names, phone numbers and addresses on a
>>  web page.  I have decided to leave our address and kids names off the

If its your market farm's page and you're already listed in the phone
directory then there's probably no harm in having your telco # and
smail address listed in your website; otherwise not.

>>  web page.  Is there anything else I should think about before I finalize

Minimize graphics on the opening index.html, don't use frames, pop-up
Java scripts or excesssive ornamentation. Javascripts (different from
Java applets) and PHP scripts load quick and can be very useful.
Menu out large chunks of topical material, farm related. Have a links

page (include reciprocal links with other farm sites), a bibliography
and assorted documents containing related, interesting
market-farm/organic ag information. Have a guestbook and an email icon
to contact you with. Could also add a feedback forum for satisfied

>> Keep the introduction page simple without a lot of graphics.  Lots of people 
>> still have computers that take a long time to open a lot of bytes!  Keep 
>> intro graphics small!

>Agree!  The more fancy stuff you use, the more you may limit your 
>audience.  Avoid frames, javascripts, and such unless you have a real 
>need for them.
>Here is an example of an enormous inital page:

Beautiful website that would be even better if they would move all the
vendor info to separate page(s).

>And an un-necessary use of frames:

Still a great website, inspirational.

More important to get those websites online; you can fine tune them

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