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mckemie at inetport.com mckemie at inetport.com
Sat Dec 30 20:21:14 EST 2000

>  I am designing my web site and wondered if any of you can share some
>  things that were very helpful to have on your web page.  I also wondered
>  about the safety of having your names, phone numbers and addresses on a
>  web page.  I have decided to leave our address and kids names off the
>  web page.  Is there anything else I should think about before I finalize
>  this?  Thank you for your help.
>  Sue
>   >>
> Keep the introduction page simple without a lot of graphics.  Lots of people 
> still have computers that take a long time to open a lot of bytes!  Keep 
> intro graphics small!

Agree!  The more fancy stuff you use, the more you may limit your 
audience.  Avoid frames, javascripts, and such unless you have a real 
need for them.

Here is an example of an enormous inital page:

And an un-necessary use of frames:

Onward!  Through the Fog!

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