"the newest agricultural myth"

nan and stewart stewart at watervalley.net
Sat Dec 30 10:07:38 EST 2000

hi friends....for those of you who do customer/public education, i came across the wonderful reprint from the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculter:

"Intensive Agriculture and Environmental Quality:  Examining the Newest Agricultural Myth" by Hewitt and Smith   Sept. 95

It debunks Dennis Avery and the "we must feed the world and only can do it through chemicals" school of thought in a highly readible format, without sounding hysterical (the way I sometimes feel when confronted with the Archer Daniels Midlan commercials on Sunday morning TV!!!!)

This reprint is available by calling the Institute at 703-525-9430 or email:  wallacecenter at winrock.org

the web site is www.winrock.org

not sure how much the reprint costs, or if they have bulk discounts...

their Journal of Alternative Agriculture is good but too technical for me to wade through (I don't have a statistical/scientific background)

thanks for all your good work, folks, nan in mississippi
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