Propagation Mats and woodstoves

Leigh Hauter lh at
Fri Dec 29 19:30:50 EST 2000

I've successfully used electric blankets.  They are cheaper (even new) than
commercial propagation mats and cables.  I think, though, in the long run,
the insulated commercial mats and cable will last longer and therefore be
more economical.

Is there a commercial product out there that works like a waterbed for
keeping seedlings warm, but the bladder would be better shaped.  A waterbed
bladder would be, in seems, a little awkward with flats on top and only an
inch or two of water in it.  Anyway, I've cut up the old waterbed bladders
around here to use as covers for firewood.

Does anyone heat their greenhouse with wood?  I have an extra stove and
plenty of wood and was considering using it this coming season.  What

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