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Fri Dec 29 19:03:57 EST 2000

Last year I tried spreading an old electric blanket over one of my
geenhouse benches and covering it with a piece of 6 mil plastic.  It was
large enough to accomodate easily a dozen flats or more. There was enough
slope to the bench to allow excess water to shed off nicely.  The blanket
stayed clean and dry but it didn't work.  Apparently the controls were
defective.  We plan to try digging  another one out  of storage and
making sure it is working before we try it in the greenhouse.  

I wonder if anyone else has tried this and how it worked for them.  Seems
like it should work despite the fact that an electric blanket is not
designed for this application.  I would consider investing the $20 - $30
for a new one if I had reasonable confidence it would work.  Otherwise I
have no use for one as long as I still have a good wife to crawl in bed

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