Propagation mats

bluemoon at bluemoon at
Fri Dec 29 09:58:21 EST 2000

Several years ago, we built what we call a grow table.  It consists of a
metal tray with 2"sides[caulk all screw holes for water tightness] set
on[and srewed down to] a frame table. We used 2x4's ripped lengthwise. 
The  space under the metal tray is closed in with sheets of foil covered
1/2 inch celotex, corners sealed with duct tape.  The table sits about the
same height as a counter top ie. convenient for watering sets.  4 ft
florescent light fixtures provide the sun and much heat, but a single 100
watt light under the table keeps the plants at 70 degrees at night, when
the timer has turned off the lights. I would imagine your local heat and
air co. can build a tray to your specs[ours would be a slicker deal if it
fit our lights better, but our tray was a "found" item, salvaged by a
friend in the construction business.  Of course, one would have to
experiment with light[s] and a thermometer, our table is in a spare room
of the house and though our heat is low, is likely warmer than some
greenhouses.  It HAS made a world of difference in our germination success
rate, especially with things like peppers.

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