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Dori Green dorigreen00 at
Sun Dec 24 09:15:30 EST 2000

Last year around Halloween my livestock guardian dog, a Great 
Pyrenees/Maremma named Ragnar Hairybreeks, disappeared.

On a farm walk with my new tenant/caretakers, to the very back corner where 
we don't often go, we found Ragnar's remains.  Not far away from the spot, 
somebody had chopped branches out of one of my pine trees and scars on the 
trunk indicated that they had used it for a hunting stand.

It looks like Rags went down to see who was trespassing and was shot for 
doing his job.  Welcome again to the bucolic farm life.

Rags was a difficult dog, aloof on the side of autistic.  He taught me an 
enormous amount about loving with open arms and I'm finding myself grieving 
his loss all over again.

Tomorrow we're going back to build a bonfire on the spot and howl him to dog 
Valhallah with the eclipse.

I wish they'd left the stand.  It would be sooooo trashed.

Dori Green

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