edamame, beans and you take the winter off?

artfarmers akbjn at hawaiian.net
Sun Dec 24 04:00:33 EST 2000

If you haven't seen this site on edamame I thought it was good.  I grow our family
heirloom black soybean that we have been selling at edamame stage.  One of the vendors
at the markets I attend sells edamame on the stalk but the stalks I saw were pretty
dried and yellow so I don't think they were selling very well.  The reference mentioned
that in Japan the soybeans were culled and trimmed and were bunched in attractive
bunches.  Seeing evidence of japanese packaging and presentation I wonder what an
attractive bunch really means.  There was also reference to mechanical and manual bean


In our markets asian eggplant is a major crop and black is predominate.  There is a
substantial market for green eggplant because people say that they are non bitter.  The
black eggplant has something which my mother calls aku which is the pigment that comes
out when you soak slices of eggplant in water.  I will be growing the green and white
eggplant and seeing if there is that aku and/or bitterness.

I grow Jade bean from Johnny's and sell it at the market picked young at $2.00 for 10
0z.  I also am trying maxibel from johnny's picked large for the same price.  I had the
price at 12 oz for $2 and raised it to 10 oz for $2 and got more customers.   Our
markets are predominately flat pole bean.  Mostly U of Hawaii beans and old  kentucky
wonder prices range from $2.00 to $4.00 a lb.  The U of H beans are primarily shippers
so they are of varying hardness so compared to them the jade and maxibel are superior.
Some of the customers even mention that the pole blue lake/kentucky blue type picked at
maturity look old to them.  They like the look of the thin bean.  What is interesting
is that I had a few bags of provider beans in the container and they went just as well
as the thin bean.  I think that it may have something to do with the lack of swelling
of the bean.

I envy a winter off.  We are just coming in to our busy season.  The snow birds will be
here and the weather is getting cool enough to grow the beans and greens and peas
really well.

Jimmy Nishida
I think zone 11
80 to 120 inches rain

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