National Organic Program "Final Rule"

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Sat Dec 23 09:43:54 EST 2000

I have to say I agree with Robert.  As a tiny grower dealing with only local
customers (CSA and maybe future farm stand) I don't ever see us getting USDA
certification.  We started the local certification process last year (great
timing) and will continue (must do this for 3 yrs) but if our local cert.
agent gets voided I do not think we will continue to try and become USDA
cert. We will of course continue our organic (whoops probably shouldn't have
used that word) techniques.  I will simply explain in what ever language we
are allowed to use, I thought there was free speech around here, that we use
xyz growing techiques.  We barly break even now I see no business benefit
from a USDA label in our local market.  Is there any loophole for the local
cert such as if you are only selling within a certain state you do not need
USDA you may stay locally cert.?  Thanks  Beth

> It is good that GMO food or food grown in sludge can not be labeled as
> organic.
> But, pray tell, what is the government doing in our business?
> Government regulation of this issue will increase prices of
> certification - and ultimately lead to the growth of agri-business at
> the expense of the small farmer.
> There is NOTHING good about the new regs.  NOTHING -
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