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Fri Dec 22 11:56:01 EST 2000

Well all, the 2000 season is all but over.  Don't know about the rest of
you, but we are planning to take the next 10 days and get our seed ordering,
plot planning, etc done.  The weather is truly 'frightful', at least we
think so - not used to this cold !!  So, time to get out the catalogs, the
data from this year on planting, sales, etc and finalize the 2001 season.
In doing that, we'd like to hear from all of you as to what varieties were
especially good, both in productivity and in sales.

We will start off by saying that King Arthur is a great green-red pepper,
large and productive, we really liked Aladdin as a large yellow, but are
looking for a good orange - the oranges seem to be more rot prone.  Giant
Jalapeno from Johnny's was giant , and was VERY productive, and had a
wonderful taste.

Bush Early Girl is our pick for first early tomato, Tropic our favorite full
season, and we like Jubilee for our yellow.  Sun Gold, Sweet Chelsea, Green
Grape, Yellow Pear and Lollipop (a pale yellow, almost white) for our cherry
mix.  Anyone got a truly wonderful beefsteak ? We'll be doing a few
heirlooms this year for our 'heirloom tomato club' customers and are still
looking for suggestions.

We like Arcadia for broccoli, Columbia for a mid-size cabbage, still looking
for the best red cabbage.

We used Nadia for our conventional eggplant, Orient Express, Orient Charm,
Neon.  Our sales on all but the 'black' oriental type weren't great.  Anyone
have a real winner ?  Neon got a lot of looks (it IS beautiful), but few

Provider is our standby for green beans, although we plant Contender for our
own eating.  Has anyone had good sales with the filet beans ?  Take a lot of
work to pick, and we're not sure our market will support the necessary price
per pound.  We're going to try edamame this year.  Is anyone selling 'by the
bunch' or is everyone selling pods ?

We use Bush Champion for our cuke, OP and we really like it. Is anyone
selling pickling cukes, and which ones ?  For squash, Zephyr has been a big
hit and worth the pricey seed - if only because it draws people.  We still
like Early Prolific Straightneck for our yellow, and Cocozelle for zucchini,
plus a dark one.  Used Raven this year - seemed to be a good variety.

We'll leave cut flowers for another post, but if anyone had something new
and really great, let us know.  We really liked Amaranthus 'Hot Biscuits'
for our fall bouquets, and so did our customers.

Have a wonderful holiday season - the days now start getting longer !!!
Almost no time until spring.  Our first tomatoes will be seeded in about 2
weeks !

Paul and Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm, SC Kentucky, Zone 6b

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Alison Wiediger, Technician
Hart County Schools
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