National Organic Program "Final Rule"

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Fri Dec 22 09:07:10 EST 2000

i agree with u the law is unjust and places a burden on the organic grower
that the other farmers that use pesticides and herbicides and contaminate
the earth pay nothing and get no inspections etc.  just goes to show u that
no good act will go unpunished by the USDA.     the power trippers and
organic Gestapo do not mind taking money out of the pockets of good organic
farmers.  They are lined up to rip us off.  another bureaucratic layer and
another bottomless hole the organic farmer will have to fill  up with their
hard earned money.  the USDA is paying some farmers to grow organic but if
you don't live in one of those states you get no help.  no two states are
the same no certifiers are the same the only thing we get from this is more
organic police while the contaminators keep up their contamination.  organic
farmers will still be drifted upon . there are no government protections
only fines . there are no chemical or GMO trespass laws  to protect organic
growers only organic Gestapo making you give up more land and move you
barriers back and back. the whole world is asking for GMO labels and what
does the USDA do the USDA tax the organic grower while GMOs  will still be
unlabeled and contaminate organic food.  I think they had to slip it in now
because the next administration may not feel big government needs to burden
small organic farmers.  so now organic belongs to the USDA they stole it and
are charging us for using it.  maybe there is something Pres. Bush can do
about getting big government out of small business .  I hope it is not over

yet.  maybe this can be undone or maybe we will be stuck forever paying off
folks year after year so we can do the good we know.  CCOF just doubled
their yearly fees .  that sound u hear is the suck as more and more
bureaucratic pencil pushers bleed the turnips.  what did we do to deserve
this .  we grew food organic .
no good act will go unpunished by the USDA.  this added burden should make
many small growers give up .

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> It is good that GMO food or food grown in sludge can not be labeled as
> organic.
> But, pray tell, what is the government doing in our business?
> Government regulation of this issue will increase prices of
> certification - and ultimately lead to the growth of agri-business at
> the expense of the small farmer.
> There is NOTHING good about the new regs.  NOTHING -
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