National Organic Program "Final Rule"

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>  I think they mean you can't call something ("modify" it, as in an
adjective) organic if it's say, plastic row crop cover. Can't call it
"organic" cover.
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>    § 205.300 Use of the term, "organic."
>    ...
>    The term, "organic," may not be used in a product name to modify a
>    nonorganic
>    ingredient in the product.
>    ...
>    What are they talking about here?  What would be an example of a
>    Del Williams
>    Farmer in the Del
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>  i think what they are saying is you cannot call a product organic because
it contains organic ingredients. for example a product that has only 50% of
the ingreds cert. organic cannot call itself organic but can say there are
organic ingreds in the product. So a violation would be calling a salsa
organic because it has cert organic peppers in it but the tomatoes are not
cert. organic.

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