Glow in the dark spuds

Tetrad garlicgr at
Wed Dec 20 13:45:01 EST 2000

Del wrote:

>This is just nuts.  I wonder about the obsession with using aquatic species
to cross with plants.  Flounders with tomatoes or squash.  

It's to make the plants frost-resistant -- flounder have genes that keep
them going in cold temps that would freeze (literally! ;-)) anything else.

>Jellyfish with potatoes. 

It's the glow thing -- just too cool not to play with! ;-)

>I wish they'd do something really useful like produce a carnivorous tomato
plant.  You know.  One that would >lure tomato hormworms and eat them.  I
might go for that.

I *like* that idea -- just think -- you'd never have to add amendments
because the tomato would grab all the nutrients it needed on its own!

The problem with the Biotech industry is that they've concentrated too much
on grabbing market share and not enough time on making "products" that would
placate us organic growers! ;-D

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