Glow in the dark spuds

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   This is just nuts.  I wonder about the obsession with using aquatic 
species to cross with plants.  Flounders with tomatoes or squash.  Jellyfish 
with potatoes.  What next?  I wish they'd do something really useful like 
produce a carnivorous tomato plant.  You know.  One that would lure tomato 
hormworms and eat them.  I might go for that.
       Wasn't there a movie about that?  Attack of the Killer Tomato?
                                   Jill >>

Well the experiment to insert fish genes into Strawberries did not work to 
well because the fish protein did not lower the fruit's freezing point 
enough!  Now they have isolated two insect proteins that are 100 times as 
efficent as an antifreeze!  They are talking about synthesizing the product 
artificially now!  I am sure they will try inserting the insect genes into 
the plants also!

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