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Betsy, It is genetic modification.  Injection is probably not the most appropriate use of the language to describe the method.  The would have to use a GMO technique (as oppsed to traditional hybridization methods) to produce these potatoes because a jellyfish would never cross with a potato - even if potatoes grew in the sea.

As an aside:

This is just nuts.  I wonder about the obsession with using aquatic species to cross with plants.  Flounders with tomatoes or squash.  Jellyfish with potatoes.  What next?  I wish they'd do something really useful like produce a carnivorous tomato plant.  You know.  One that would lure tomato hormworms and eat them.  I might go for that.

Seriously, is there something special about fish genes that make them especially suitable for plant development.
This is probably the wrong forum for a serious discussion about that.  I just wonder.

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