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>re: "Glow in the Dark Spuds called 'Agriculture of the Future'"
>Dear Friends,
>    I've been following this list-serve for quite sometime and have come
>to appreciate the "grassroots" comments posted here by farmers nationwide.
>    As an agricultural journalist and direct-marketing small farmer, I
>thought the following story (which just came across the AP wires) would
>be of interest to this group. The full story is posted below.


>New Super-Spud Glows Green to Ask for Water
>LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have pioneered a genetically modified
>``super potato'' which glows when it needs water, the head of the
>project said on Monday.
>Researchers at Edinburgh University injected potato plants with a
>fluorescence gene borrowed from the luminous jellyfish aequorea
>victoria, which causes their leaves to glow green when dehydrated.
>``This is an agriculture of the future,'' Professor Anthony Trewavas
>told Reuters. ``We were trying to design a way of monitoring the
>resources within a field and decided it was the plant itself which has
>that information.''
>The potatoes are not intended to be eaten but would act as
>''sentinels,'' planted beside the commercial crop to alert a farmer that
>the rest of his field needed watering.


Another article about these potatoes can be found at,,2-52740,00.html
and makes no mention that these are intended to be "sentinel" plants. 
Is Reuters right or not?


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