An Informed Discussion of GMOs:

Sun Dec 17 13:48:13 EST 2000

Unfortunatly, Mr London, Avery is a pupet in the hand of the agibiz that has 
all the access they want to media and can give him and his ideas a forefront 
position. And the public in general has no reason to reject the 'science' 
(here, bow down low).
If no one shows the people that it is all a fluke laced with lies, if we just 
shut up because ' we should not give him any more publicity', these ideas 
will become common beliefs. Forget organics, if the public turns around 
against it !!!
All this reminds me of the rise of the extrem-right in France (where i'm 
from) in the 80's. Since you liken Avery to a Milosevic or a Hitler, i'll 
expand the list to Le Pen... Some said any publicity (for OR against him) was 
too much no matter what and based their argument on the fact that Le Pen 
popularity kept rising. The true antidote ended up being the deconstruction 
of the extreme-right ideas in community based actions.
Thank you for those who deconstruct lies and mis-information!!!!

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