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Sat Dec 16 19:38:54 EST 2000

Hi, Folks!

Thanks for all the comments, both pro and con.  That's why I'm asked by
local sustainable ag folks to attend these conferences in exchange for
writing my own articles about them -- I'm just trying to get the word out
for those who couldn't actually be there.

Del wrote:

>I would like to forward this to some interested Avery watchers. 

You can send the article out wherever you like -- I retain copyright, as I
was not paid for the article (simply invited to attend the conference and
write as I saw fit).  If anyone does publish it in a newsletter, etc. they
should credit me and send me a copy of the publication at the address below.

>Could I get
>some background on the way this document was constructed.  How much of this
>is transcript and how much of it reflects interpretation of the interaction.

I sit and take notes as I listen -- if it's in quotes, the person said it
and I wrote it down. No quotes is a condensation of what they said (when
talking, folks often repeat things, change subjects in mid-sentence, etc.
which doesn't sound so good on paper.)  I also look over the audience and
attempt to gauge the mood -- as I know many of the attendees at these
things, folks often will make comments to me during the action.

Supposedly, my track record during these things is pretty good -- I've been
doing this for about 4 years now and e-mails back from other audience
members has always said that I captured what was going on beautifully.

>It reads like a novel...couldn't wait to read the ending!  

Yeah, my training is more in the literary field than in journalism and it
does show.  Drives some editors nuts because my pieces aren't in traditional
journalistic style, but I'm trying not only to convey the information, but
to let people feel what actually happened in the room and when and how it
happened.  Constructing events into a narrative is just more natural for me. . .

>If there is a
>recording or transcript available I would certainly be willing to pay for
>reproduction and mailing costs.

Ask Duane Perry of Farmers' Market Trust, who presented the conference.  His
e-mail is <duane at LIBERTYNET.ORG>.  The folks there just sent out a
transcript of John Ikerd, the keynote speaker (who I thought was dangerously
naive about the struggles we as organic growers face to become the
"mainstream") so it might be worth asking if there are other transcripts

Dorene Pasekoff, Coordinator

St. John's United Church of Christ Organic Community Garden

A mission of 
St. John's United Church of Christ, 315 Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA  19460

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