market-farming digest: December 15, 2000

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Sat Dec 16 16:20:16 EST 2000

> I suspect that things can get worse. The probusiness mood that may accompany the GOP into the Whitehouse may be pro BIG Agribusiness (Translated GMO). Money talks and bull patties walk is the last cut I heard.

I suggest it will take organic supporters to actually support their livlihood (yea - I know - not exactly what ya live for.) by writing letters and joining organizations that support organic growers. Perhaps writing, calling, emailing the ole congressman or what ever but the RIGHT to choose what you want to grow and what you want to eat could be the prize.

The right for a woman to choose abortion was not popular but it was won. Why not the right to eat what you choose - it's your body so what you do with it food wise seems less controversial than abortion.  Maybe the same judge who went for Roe vs Wade will be favorable to Tummy contents vs Monsanto.

The USDA is a POLITICAL animal that wil bend in whatever breeze comes it's way so a law is needed to get beyond USDA vulnerability to political winds.

The current debate about organic vs GMO has NOTHING to do with rights - it's about who's right. Being right is not enough to beat the big money when it comes to the USDA. It takes focus on rights not being right. Debate can go on for a thousand years. Food rights have not been won - yet.

Note that GMO supporters will ALWAYS go to a technical argument. They will never challenge rights. The GMO pollution is like cigarretes, toxic waste, acid rain, etc. to organic supporters. Everyday people cannot be easily swayed by the organic answer but they can recognize the right to choose and that is where the GMO people don't want you to focus. Even a bleached wheat white bread fanatic will understand the right to choose.


> Subject: USDA strikes again
> From: Marie Kamphefner <kampy at>
> Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:01:15 -0600
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> This morning between 5 and 5:30 on channel 41 out of Kansas City, the lady
> newscaster announced that organic food may  not be all it was cracked up to
> be.  Then a message came on from the USDA saying that organic food was not
> more nutritious and not more safe to eat than conventionally grown
> food.  It went on to say that the USDA will soon have its organic rules in
> place so everyone in the U.S. will have the same protection.  If I hadn't
> been so sleepy, I would have written it all down verbatim.  I feel like
> perhaps the consumers need protection from the USDA.  I suppose there are..snip..

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